Yelena Ustoyev

Yelena Ustoyev - Sarcoma Foundation Research SupportYelena Ustoyev is an adult and geriatric nurse practitioner who specializes in sarcoma and melanoma at Columbia University Medical Center. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science degree at the Hunter Belleview School of Nursing in New York, and she is board-certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Yelena began her career as a registered nurse and worked in medical and HIV units and the emergency room. She found her passion while working in outpatient medical oncology. To be able to better treat her patients, Yelena pursued her Master in Nursing Science degree, and currently she works as a nurse practitioner in medical oncology practice at Columbia University Medical Center. Yelena finds interacting with patients to be rewarding and educational, and she takes great pleasure in teaching her patients and in learning from them. She is also a proud wife and mother of three children who keep her active and inspire her to take on new challenges.