Alec Cuong Skwash Quach

Alec held many roles with all of us, he was outgoing, courageous, articulate, hilarious, witty, loving and caring.  He lived on another level, he somehow found time to make everyone around him have tons of wonderful memories and good times.

He remains deeply thankful for everyone that helped him along the way of his care.  In addition to his family and friends, huge appreciation definitely deserves to go towards Texas Oncology, Dr. Eric Nadler, Dr. Derek Wai-Kin Chui and their exceptional team members to help him do the impossible and fight for as long as he did.

This page is dedicated to him, a means to continue helping others that face similar situations.  All funds will go directly to the Sarcoma Foundation of America to help fund the awareness of the disease and research for a cure.

One of his standing mottos has been “Saving Lives”, and with that, we can continue to remember and honor him by continuing his life’s activities and legacy.

Alec Cuong Skwash Quach