Amy Hanson Johnson

Amy was my best friend. In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few months into my treatment, Amy started to mention a terrible pain in her leg that was diagnosed by her orthopedic doctor as a torn ligament from exercise. The pain continued which sent Amy for a 2nd diagnosis. This time discovering a mass in her femur bone.

9 months from the day, I lost my best friend in the whole world at the young age of 55. All the time, I was still going through my recovery and went to her funeral bald and between treatments.

Our lives were not intended to be this way. It was not at all the plans Amy and I had for our “old lives”. We used to laugh and promise to be in the same nursing home when we grew old and senile. She didn’t live to see that day.

And I am not prepared to grow old without my best friend.

I miss you Amy, everyday of my life.

I love you and will always get up and dance whenever I hear” Bernadette“ and will forever remember how that was YOUR song.