Ann Eckman

I have chosen to be a champion for Sarcoma Foundation of America, joining together with other like-minded supporters who want to see a cure for sarcoma.

My wife Ann’s journey started in 2010 with her first surgery and the removal of large 22# tumor and right kidney. The diagnosis was a very rare sarcoma called liposarcoma. Yes as my wife said, I have “fat cancer” that started in the psoas (sp?) muscle in her retroperiteneal area. 

Her second and third surgeries, 13 and 15 hours in length at Johns Hopkins and the skill and care of the surgeons and staff helped her through the journey we are experiencing.

I am reaching out to each of you to please help me reach my goal of raising $25,000 by December 25, 2017, in honor of my wife Ann by supporting my fundraising efforts with a gift today. Your tax-deductible gift—any amount helps—will make a difference in the lives of many! Many hands lighten the load.

For you who know Ann her courage and shining example of positive attitude and her internal fighting spirit are characteristics that are admirable.

It’s faster and easier than ever to work together on raising money for the cure for sarcoma. Sarcoma, a rare cancer of the connective tissues, affects not only the 50,000 people living in the US with a sarcoma diagnosis but also their friends, families and neighbors.

I’ve chosen to work with Sarcoma Foundation of America in this fight. Sarcoma Foundation of America, recognized as a top charity by Charity Navigator and Guidestar, advocates for increased research funding to find innovative new therapies to treat sarcoma patients. 

Dollars raised help to privately fund research grants and to conduct education and advocacy efforts on behalf of sarcoma patients.
For more information about the Sarcoma Foundation of America, please visit 

Any amount helps! I’m grateful for your support!

Dennis Eckman