Claudia Vilardo

May 19, 1994 – April 14, 2022

Claudia’s 27 years on this earth have been filled with so many beautiful experiences. She was a joy that has touched the hearts and souls of many people in this world. 

Her life, her spirit, her kindred soul will go unmatched. To explain who Claudia was in such a short summation would be very difficult because she was, is and forever shall be notorious! Claudia, was a persona bigger than life itself. She did everything with great compassion and exaltation, even in her hardest hit moments. 

Claudia, born in Brooklyn, is the epitome of a true Brooklynite! She, through her various talents, enjoyed the church choir and school dance club. She was a brilliant woman, who went on to receive a masters in accounting from St. Francis College. She furthered that education by becoming a forensic accountant. 

At the age of 24, she received the most hard hitting news of her life, she had cancer. Claudia, had been diagnosed with a rare soft tissue sarcoma, that metastasized in such a short period of time. She under went a surgery, various radiation and chemotherapy treatments, in the hopes she could slow the growth of the tumors and enjoy life a bit more.

If you know Claudia, even prior to her cancer diagnosis, she was a bull; a force to be reckoned with.  She beautifully and courageously battled through pain and suffering, while always cracking a smile, or giving off her infectious laugh. 

She returned home to God after her final rites as a Catholic were read, something so beautiful to witness. That last breathe of hers will carry with us always as a true sign there is eternal life after death.

Music captivated her soul and even in her final moments she bopped her head to Biggie Smalls (her fav for always). So, as we say good bye to our daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and fur mama, we want you to know, It’s all good baby, baby! You are no longer suffering.

Rest easy Pupetta!  Fly high and spread your wings! Tiamo per sempre! 

Claudia is Survived by Theresa Vilardo, Mother.
Carmelina Vilardo Spivak and Gennady Spivak, Sister and Brother.
Philomena Vilardo Peterson and Thomas Peterson, Sister and Brother.
Cosimo Vilardo and Melisa Fernandez Vilardo, Brother and Sister.
Gennaro Spivak, Nephew.
Giada Spivak, Niece.
Sebastian Vilardo, Nephew.