Greg Garnand

Greg GarnandGreg lost his battle with Ewings Sarcoma on 08 August, 2017 at the age of 27. He was a newlywed, and leaves behind his wife Mary, 3 dogs, his parents, siblings and other family members.

Greg packed a lot of life into those 27 years and left a legacy of helping others. He was always the first one to volunteer anytime anyone needed help – never looking for thanks or recognition; he just really liked helping people!

Greg’s love for people showed in his professional life too. He was a talented firefighter/paramedic for the town of Richmond, Illinois. Greg also loved working on computers, and was always happy to assist anyone who asked. Greg and Mary fostered rescue dogs and adopted a few rescues of their own. There was never a mean word out of his mouth. Greg also loved to ride his motorcycle. He was involved with EMS RoadDocs, a nonprofit motorcycle organization that helps others.

Greg fought cancer with everything he had, that included a hip replacement, leg amputation, many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. In the end, the disease was too much. He never once complained or asked “why me?”. Instead, he was grateful for his friends and the support he had.

Greg’s candle burned out on 08 August, 2017, but his legacy of love and giving will shine on forever!