Hsiaman Cheung

Hsiaman was diagnosed with undifferentiated fibrosarcoma of the abdomen in March of 2019. She was given an extremely poor prognosis of only days to live and no known beneficial treatments available. Hsiaman decided she wanted to fight and try to win this battle. Despite multiple regiments of chemotherapy, radiation, two extensive abdomen surgeries and a failed round of clinical trials, Hsiaman lost the battle on February 21st of 2022.

Hsiaman had a contagious smile and a heart bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. One of her favorite activities in life was to ballroom dance. She was an avid competitive ballroom dancer and thoroughly enjoyed her years competing and meeting new people. Above all, Hsiaman loved her family, and was incredibly proud of her two sons and all their accomplishments in life. Hsiaman and her husband always strived to provide more for their children than they had. They always made sure to do whatever it took to so their children could live a life that they could only have dreamed of.

Hsiaman will always be remembered for her hard work, positive attitude, and dedication to her family. We miss her every day and will continue to love her forever!

In remembrance of Hsiaman and her fight, please choose to donate to the Sarcoma foundation to further research and future treatments to help others win their fight.