Indumathi Thoppay

In memory of Indumathi Thoppay

Our mom Indumathi Thoppay was a kind, warm hearted and caring person! Our family and friends would always appreciate her kindness, enjoyed her hospitality and her yummy cooking!

We have always enjoyed our parents company and how much they supported when our kids were born! All the 4 grandchildren bonded immensely with them.

It started in early April of 2015, while in Chicago, she was constantly losing weight, had low grade fever and loss of appetite. An ultrasound indicated a huge mass in her abdomen followed by an immediate surgery. The biopsy revealed that she had Retro peritoneal sarcoma (leiomyosarcoma)! After some research and consulting with some experts, we decided not to pursue any treatment since she was cancer free, but continuously monitored for any recurrence.

She was free of cancer for about 18 months until a chest CT scan revealed she had tiny nodules. A biopsy revealed the cancer was back in her lungs and started showing up in her liver. At this time mom had moved to Dallas from Chicago and started chemotherapy on the oncologist’s suggestion in Dallas. It didn’t help, the cancer continued to grow.

Her oncologist encouraged her to participate in clinical trials. She was open minded and tried 2 different clinical trials for immunotherapy and withstood all physical challenges with positive attitude! The challenge was, the clinical studies were not targeted towards her type cancer which is pretty rare, but still was worth giving a try as there are no known treatments that work for this type of cancer.

Both didn’t tame her cancer, the second treatment weakened her a lot and she started losing a lot of weight and appetite! She still made the best of her last six months, stayed cheerful and optimistic. Our parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on February 15th, 2020! She passed away on July 14th, 2020 surrounded by family and grandchildren! She was 67.

She is survived by our dad, us (daughter and son), our spouses and her grandchildren Riya, Svetlana, Ritvik and Yash. She is fondly remembered by all family and friends. While she was not fortunate in receiving a treatment that could cure her, we hope there will be better and effective treatment in the future! Thank you for your donation in mom’s loving memory! Let’s fight this together….