John I Hulka

John HulkaMy husband John I Hulka, was a truly gentle soul, a gentle man, honest and loyal. He was the kindest man I ever met and I was so blessed that he loved me unconditionally as I loved him.

We met each other late in life but were blessed with our life together for 11 years. John would go out of his way to speak to a serviceman or a police man and thank them for their service. He wouldn’t stop there he would tell the checker at the supermarket what a good job they were doing it or any person who was it his path. He was a proud Air Force man who would have loved to have served his country as his career. He was also a family man and quietly would flash pictures of his loved ones to anyone if asked or not. His children and my daughter … well we became one. I considered them bonus children and I’m lucky enough to be Cookie Nana while our grandchildren called him Other Grampa.

We would often make bags of food for the homeless and distribute at stoplights to the people who were hungry. Often times he would tell me he would slip them a couple dollars too if I wasn’t looking.

Since I met this man I don’t believe I ever opened a door again. He would stop me and make me wait until he opened the door and I was rewarded with his kiss. Mistletoe is hung in our home and we would kiss whenever we could catch the other for that moment. Trust me I never missed a kiss. I could fill the space with endless stories. I hope anyone who reads this feels the essence of his soul. He was loved and he loved going on cruises with me taking photos Talking to our new friends.

Cancer stole his body but it will never steal my memories of the love we shared and above all our faith. God has blessed us by not allowing John to suffer these past months and I was with him holding his hand as he passed Envisioning our time on the ship gazing into the horizon looking for whales.  I will ALWAYS love John Hulka.