Keep up the Momentum

We know that we’ve been writing a lot about Rita Saverino Romeo’s appearance on “NY Med.”  But having sarcoma on a national stage like this was simply unprecedented.  Just think – millions of people watched her story.  Millions of people have now heard of sarcoma, many of them likely for the first time.  Based on the reactions that we’ve seen on Facebook, Twitter, and the “NY Med” website, people were genuinely touched and amazed by her story.

The fact is, Rita’s story is one of many.  But she was given an opportunity that most will never have – the opportunity to share her experience with the world and a platform with which to raise awareness.  There are countless untold stories of people who have been impacted by this terrible disease.  There are patients who are still engaged in their own battle with sarcoma.  There are families who have lost loved ones.  And there are the survivors who have faced a sarcoma diagnosis and have come out on the other side.

It is our responsibility to build upon this amazing opportunity.  We have to keep up this momentum and not let the world forget about what they saw on television.

But how can we all do this?

We at the SFA will continue our mission to advocate for increased research to find new and better therapies with which to treat patients with sarcoma. We vow to work every day to bring attention to sarcoma, to fund cutting-edge research, and to ultimately find the cure.  We also need your help to accomplish all of this.

  • Share your story with SFA – Help us tell others why the SFA’s focus on research is important.
  • Raise money for sarcoma research – Hold a fundraiser, set up a recognition page for donations, and/or pull up the SFA website on any electronic device and show your friends/families how easy it is to donate.
  • Share the SFA’s mission with others – You can help by distributing SFA/sarcoma materials to infusion centers, radiology centers, hospitals, nurses and doctor offices.
  • Enroll in the SFA registry – The Sarcoma Patient Registry collects and manages data about sarcoma patients, helping physicians and researchers in every facet of patient care, from investigating the cause of cancer, to making the diagnosis, and tracking the effectiveness of different treatments.
  • Donate tissue – The SFA has partnered with the National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI), a nonprofit organization, to provide you with the opportunity to donate tissues and have those tissues distributed to scientists who are studying different aspects of sarcoma and related cancers.

Together, we can find the cure in our time!