Lydia Giordano DeFeis

Lydia was diagnosed with stage IV leiomyosarcoma earlier this year and has sadly passed on after fiercely fighting to spend more time on this earth and with her loved ones.

She passed peacefully in the early hours of October 25, 2020, in the comfort of her own home surrounded by family.

Lydia always had a smile for everyone, loved her family and friends passionately, and was a warm, supportive, and gentle presence for those who had the privilege of having her in their lives. She was a compassionate listener and was a pillar of support for many in her life.  

She had a fantastic sense of humor—her favorite jokes were the ones that were aimed at her. She was sassy, quirky, goofy, and never afraid to loudly sing the wrong song lyrics in the wrong key. She had the most contagious laugh (which gave her the nickname “Giddia” when it got louder and more frequent after a glass or two of wine) and was often the life of the party. She was a first-rate chef (went to pastry school) and loved entertaining her friends and family for the holidays, throwing epic holiday parties that would last well into morning. She loved Led Zeppelin, Metallica, her grand-dog Juniper, decaf coffee, and anything cooked by her family (or so she said).

She had a passionate love of the water and marine life, taking any opportunity to go fishing, clamming, or crabbing (giving her the nickname “Squidia” or “Aunt Squid”), and wasn’t afraid to get mucky—we often called her Xena Warrior Princess. She had a lot of nicknames, as I’m sure you can tell by now. She was also passionate about marine life conservation and volunteered for sea turtle and whale conservation efforts. 

She was a phenomenal mother to her two children, who are devastated to have to walk this life without their best friend moving forward.  In addition to her two children, she leaves behind her mother who misses her dearly, her brother and sister-in-law, her nephews, her loving partner of 6 years, and many other family members and friends. She has gone on to join her father and aunt on the other side.   

Lydia was taken from us too soon. Please consider donating to support future research for sarcoma—a rare subset of cancers that are often fatal and treatment resistant. We hope that no one has to live without a loved one– or go through the suffering and pain she did– from this disease. Thank you for your love and support.