My Sarcoma Story – Anna

anna garciaAnna’s Story: While on vacation in July of 2016, I began experiencing severe abdominal pain. I was able to feel a mass (it was the size of a golf ball). When I returned from vacation I was immediately seen by my physician. He recommended an ultrasound. The radiologist suggested a biopsy ASAP. That next week I received a telephone call from my physician stating I had cancer! I was seen by a local oncologist within days. I was diagnosed on July 29, 2016, with Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is not common in adults. Ewing’s Sarcoma usually affects children and young adults. The initial thought was that the mass I had in my abdomen was not the only area affected. The oncologist thought it would be attached to a bone in my body. I had a PET scan which determined that the mass in my abdomen was the ONLY area affected. By this time the mass was about the size of a softball. Treatment was to begin right away so that the cancer did not have time to spread. After months of invasive chemotherapy, numerous blood transfusions and hospital stays it was time for surgery. I went to Stanford Medical Hospital in December of 2016 to have the mass removed. It was a successful surgery. I met with the surgeon and sarcoma specialist and was told that I WAS CANCER FREE! The invasive chemotherapy I received did the job, it killed the cancer. Thanks be to God! It was a very difficult battle to fight but I did it. I AM A SURVIVOR.

Words of Wisdom: In the famous words of my hero Isabel, “NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS BELIEVE.” Isabel passed away from DIPG (childhood brain cancer). She fought hard and gave me so much inspiration during my own battle.

Role of the Sarcoma Foundation of America: AWARENESS is key!

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