My Sarcoma Story – Jacky

jackyJacky’s Story: I am an amputee runner who survived Ewing Sarcoma. I’m currently training for the Chicago Marathon in October 2017.

My sarcoma journey started in 2001 with a lump in my leg. The lump literally appeared over night and was the size of a golf ball. A biopsy was done and it was discovered I had sarcoma. Within in a week of receiving my diagnoses I was scheduled for surgery to have my leg amputated. I guess the quick response from my specialist saved my life. It did feel like a roller coaster. Not only did I have cancer but I had to loose a limb too. Its not something that crosses your mind.

I have been cancer free for 16 years now and am grateful for every day that I am alive. I now run as a way to inspire others to get fit and healthy and to show that you can live your life to the fullest even if you are missing parts of your body.

Words of Wisdom: Live in the moment. Enjoy everyday.


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