Nathaniel Carpenter Merritt-Mervine

Nathaniel Carpenter Merritt-Mervine was a wonderful human being. He had diverse interests ranging from baseball to performing death metal music. Most of all, he was kind.

A geriatric social worker at Jewish Family Services in Rochester, New York, Nate made a tremendous difference in this world. He was diagnosed with Grade I chondrosarcoma in his foot; the chondrosarcoma came back in his foot and Nate became an amputee. Nate, an avid runner, was no longer able to run, but he worked tremendously hard to adapt to his new reality. Then, the chondrosarcoma spread and he passed at the age of 40.

Chondrosarcoma was debilitating and Nate often felt alone in his diagnosis. He lived to see the first Race to Cure Sarcoma in Cleveland in 2018 and was touched to be surrounded by the love and support of the team from the Cleveland Clinic who assumed his care and tried to move mountains when the chondrosarcoma spread.

He is loved and missed every single day.