Rene Caddy

My mom fought heroically & quietly for 5 years against a very rare & aggressive cancer. No matter what – she was determined to be the reason they found the cure. She worked with doctors all over the world & endured so much pain fighting it, but you would have never known.

Through it all she only ever worried about everyone else. My brother & me, our family & all of our friends. she never complained or felt sorry for herself, she never had a negative thought… unless it was about football & then the f words were flying (she’s coming to haunt you CFP committee).

My beautiful mom was a mother to so many over the years & was always everyone’s biggest supporter. She would do anything for those she loved & never wanted anything in return, but she was also tough as hell & bottom line, she would tell it exactly how it was, no matter what. She may have only been 4’11 (& 3/4) but trust me, you didn’t want to cross her.

She loved fiercely, she fought like hell & now she can rest peacefully, without pain. the best human I know.

I love you as big as the sky. ❤