SFA Celebrates 20 Years of Sarcoma Research and Advocacy

The Sarcoma Foundation of America Celebrates 20 Years of Sarcoma Research and Advocacy

As the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) celebrates our 20 year anniversary, we reflect not only on what we have accomplished, but also on what we envision for the future.

Twenty years ago, SFA was founded to fill an unmet need – to fund and advocate for more sarcoma research and to encourage the development of new and better therapies for sarcoma patients. Looking back at these past 20 years, we see the impact of our work. Sarcoma is no longer being left behind, we have harnessed resources to bring sarcoma to the front lines, and sarcoma awareness, research, and therapies have substantially increased. SFA is proud to have been a leader in these advancements.

SFA is especially proud to have funded more than $11 million in sarcoma research through our grant program and through collaborative research projects. In 2019, we reached our highest single-year level of funding, committing $2 million for sarcoma research. These efforts have helped to uncover new insights, helping to move research from the lab to clinical trials.

We have built a strong and connected sarcoma community through our Race to Cure Sarcoma series and have raised funds for sarcoma research. Our work to provide education and advocacy opportunities have brought together patients, survivors, caregivers, and sarcoma experts to give them tools to advocate for themselves and for the greater good of the community.

As we take time to remember the great achievements of the SFA and the sarcoma community over these past 20 years, we also acknowledge that there is still much more to do. While we have made significant strides towards a better life for those living with sarcoma, we must keep this momentum moving forward. We must continue to fund new and innovative research. We must continue to advocate for patients. And we must stay focused on our vision of a world without sarcoma.

Although 20 years is important to celebrate, it is also necessary that we continue to look toward the future and what more we can do to support the sarcoma community and lift the voices of sarcoma patients.

Your anniversary gift will help us continue to be the leading voice for patients, survivors, and caregivers, bring more awareness to sarcoma, and make important investments in innovative research.

Together, we can build off of the achievements of the past 20 years and continue to do more to help patients, survivors, and their families.

You can make your gift in support of research, advocacy, and education at www.curesarcoma.org/20th-anniversary-donation/.

Thank you for all of your support these past 20 years. We hope you will continue to stand beside us as we move forward in working to find a cure in our time.

Make sure to check out our 20th Anniversary video. We reflect back at all of the advancements in the past 20 years, but also look ahead to our shared vision and the work still to be done.