Terri Bradley

This dedication is for our dear friend Terri who passed away in December of 2021 from Myxofibrosarcoma. Terri was our friend, our chosen sister, a wife and a daughter who warmed our hearts with her smile and sweet giggle every time she greeted us. Ours is a story of eleven girls from Anchorage, Alaska who met in junior high and high school. After college, many moved throughout the United States as expected in life. Although distance separated us over the past 35 years, our friendships and bond never waned. We reunited almost every year and shared stories about the past, present and dreams for the future. Growing old was one aspect that didn’t seem scary knowing we were going to do it together. We are now ten girls from Alaska who will continue our reunions, as she would have wanted, and know that our beautiful angel Terri will always be among us. She will forever be in our hearts.

DHS Girls: Karen L.,Sharla A., Stacy B., Kristina P,, Michele M, Cathy F., Joanna B.,Bobbie D., Connie G., and Natalie M.