Theresa Ann Evenstad Lacross

Theresa Ann Evenstad Lacross was born in Northwood, North Dakota on December 26th, 1952. The fourth oldest of 10 siblings, Terry grew up humbly but joyfully on a farm with her big family. Terry later had four children, Tara, David, Kendra, and Raymond. She also had five grandchildren. She was married to her husband, Arthur Lacross. When asked to describe her life in six words, she immediately said without any hesitation, “hardship,” followed by, “fun.” I’d say that about sums up this wonderful soul. Through all of the hard challenges she has faced, she found the positives. She was a loving friend to so many. There is not a soul that has met her and hasn’t become a better person because of it. Her hardest challenge had to be her fight with osteosarcoma. The cancer grew in her spine. Her doctor called it a “once-in-a-lifetime diagnosis”. She fought that cancer so hard. Everyone who visited with her remarked on her incredible strength. We told her before she passed, that although her fight was over, THE fight was not over. This campaign is only the beginning of her legacy contributing to sarcoma research. We, the family, encourage people to donate what they can and/or share this campaign. We are all going to miss Terry so much, but we cannot stop fighting for a cure.